Growth Services

Identifying what you produce, what it costs and how you promote it, is not as easy as it sounds.  Most companies lack the discipline to really define, clarify and promote themselves properly.  Done right, a successful product development process makes selling easier because your products fill needs that clients identify with because you’ve organized them into a logical portfolio of services.
We help start-up IT organizations promote what they do, make sure it is priced right, then ensure that it is marketed and ultimately sold. Our approach to developing product, pricing, marketing and sales strategies is grounded in identifying the needs your services fill and in knowing how to properly package, market and sell to create maximum value for your company.

Helping companies succeed with product management, marketing and sales is a priority for Long Grove Ventures – if you can’t get this right, you can’t grow, get to the next level and ultimately survive. We work closely with clients and with a network of partners we’ve carefully selected to ensure that your growth strategy becomes a great strategy.

Long Grove Ventures has a portfolio of growth related services: